Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did someone hire a cleaning .....boy???

Without exaggeration Michael asks to clean something at least once a day......

So today he decided to get every nook and crannie of the fireplace......

What mom, there is no more to clean???
He also will not go to bed or go outside to play unless his toys are all cleaned up.....and he even stays late in his playgroup to clean up after all the other kids are gone.....YIKES he may look like Daddy BUT perhaps has some of Mommy's OCD tendencies.

Skater DUDE!!!!!

Michael's new LOVE is rollerskating....or as he would say :ROOLERSKATERING....we have no idea where he would have even seen anyone rollerskating because none of his friends in the neighborhood have them.....anyway.....he asked everyday for one solid week for them so finally we bought them.....we never expected what happened next......

Michael and Daddy trying them out for the first time......

Ummmm Daddy do you think we can go over to that part of the driveway????

After about 5 minutes Michael REFUSED to hold Daddy's hand........And there he goes.......the whole time saying " I can do this all by myself"

He even learned how to turn.......

Check out the the end of the rollerskating outing for the day he was pushing off his one foot!!!! HAHAHAHAHA... Is Rollerskating an Olympic sport????? Hey you never know........

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 year old UPDATE

So we took Michael for his 2 year checkup and he was 31 pounds and 35 inches tall.......he was in the 70% for both. He got a shot BOOOOOOOOOO :{ but on a funnier note.............this is what the peds told us:

"Michael has his permission to take this year off from learning anything new EXCEPT potty training" Why you ask well the majority of what Michael does is at a 3 year old level....such as:

-- Knows and recognizes all of the letters whether they are in order or not. And can tell you a word that starts with at least 15 of the letters.
--Knows and recognizes all numbers up till 20 and can count backwards from 15 on down
--Knows all colors even random ones like purple and pink (not just primary ones)
--Knows all shapes (including stars and octagons)
--Can ride a tricycle by using the pedals
--Can hop on one foot (this he has been doing for what feels like forever) but apparently is a difficult task.

I could not even tell how many words are in his vocabulary there are to many to count now!!

The most impressive thing that we think he does is while you are driving in the car he sees a red light and tells you to stop and as soon as it is green he tells you to go and at yellow he says...slow down!!! He says the numbers off of the speed limit signs and knows that when he hears the directional that we are turning!!!! TALK ABOUT A BACK SEAT DRIVER!!!!!!!

As for potty training...........well he has successfully trained all of his stuffed animals because when I ask him if he has to go potty he tells me that one of his stuffed animals does and puts them on the potty and picks them up and CHEERS for them and tells them that they did a "great job"!!! So obviously we have a lot of work in this area!!! ahahahaha

Well just a little update on our baby boy who is believe it or not 2 already we could not be any more proud of him. He is a joy to be with and in the morning when you open up his door he says "good morning mommy" and has a huge smile on his face. How could you have a bad day after that.

Me and My new Pool....

The weather has not been very nice this summer :{ we have had a lot of rain and for a little guy who would live outside if you let him .....well lets just say it has not been an enjoyable summer....EXCEPT Michael's cool new pool that he finally got to use!!! He was sooo excited that he did not even take the time to put his bathing suit clothes and all!!!!
Of course that first time he went for was the slide!!!!!

UMMMM mom were does this go???????

Finally after all of his toys were safely in the pool he was ready to swim....

Watch out below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this way was much more now he only goes down on his belly and YES he goes totally under the water!!!!

He spent hours going up and down the slide and in and out of the pool!!!! He had so much fun!

Finally believe it or not .....................he rested!!!

We are so hoping that the rest of the summer brings sun and warm days so that we can enjoy our new pool!

A few pictures of me and my new friends from Sesame Street!!!

So Mommy and Daddy woke me up a couple of days before my birthday and told me we were going to a very special BIRTHDAY surprise vacation..................I was pretty excited but I never imagined how much FUN we would have.....and I got to sleep in a hotel for the very first time!!!! That was cool enough wait to you see who I spent my birthday week with........... UMMM Zoey are you sure you don't want some of my breakfast????

Ernie this is the yummiest milk just taste it....
Bert............I can not come and live with you and Ernie on Sesame street....but thanks for asking!!

This picture we took for Sissy she LOVES grover!!! She even still sleeps with one and she is 21 yrs old........but don't tell her I told you!!!

High Five Elmo!!!

Wow daddy next to big bird you even look small!!!!

These guys are my VERY FAVORITE I could not get enough of them!!! I think we make a great three-some!!

I gotta go Zoey I think I see Cookie Monster over there......

YES it is COOOOOKIE MONSTER and he gives great ((((((HUGS))))))

I heard mommy and daddy say that we can go back ever year because we all had soooo much fun!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well that's right I am 2!!!! I know, I know it seems like just yesterday I was born....ahhahaha you sound like my mommy.....we had the greatest party with all of my friends and family and of course my Aunt Tracy made my cake.....YUMMMMYYYY I am starting to wonder if people just come for the cake???

So here is my sign that Daddy put up on our tent..... Getting all the decorations up and ready.....

I love balloons!!!!!!

Here is my was half chocolate and half peanut butter!!!!

I loved singing to much that we lit and blew out the candles 3 times so that I could sing again....

Yup I blew it out all 3 times!!!!

Here are some of my friends helping me open my gifts....thanks Kayla, Ty and Kamden!!

Beach toys.......YES I can't wait to go to the beach and use them!!!!

My special surprise was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bouncy Bounce!!!!!

We had the greatest time in here......

What I can't hear you I am jumping to much!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

This is the best thing ever....let me recap......CAKE....PRESENTS AND JUMPING..... could it get any better than this???? I am going to really LOVE being 2!

Just one more thing before I go...............Thanks to my Daddy and Mommy for the great party....

Grandma and Guffy....I love the wagon and I miss you....

Uncle Mike and Aunt guys are the best and my cake was sooo yummy I can't wait to play on my horse.

Uncle Jim and Teresa the Handy Manny car is AWESOME!!!

To the bestest brother and sister bouncy bounce, Kai-Lan and my barn and school are the greatest gifts a little brother could ever hoped for...I love you guys!!

To everyone else that was at my party..........

Monday, June 22, 2009


So besides my birthday and Christmas my favorite day of the year is FATHERS DAY!!! It is the one day each year that we can really spoil Daddy. My Daddy is the greatest daddy EVER....he works so hard so that we can have so many cools things and go on really great trips.....BUT most of all he is my BESTEST FRIEND.....when I hear his car come into the garage I get all excited and can't wait to see him.....No matter how tired he is he always plays with me as soon as he gets home. Then we have the best time every night playing in the bathtub and reading stories before I go to bed. He is the last face I see before I close my eyes and that makes me smile all night long!!!

So Mommy and I decided to make him breakfast....and we had so much fun doing it and I really taught mommy alot! hahahaha... here we are pouring the pancake mix in the bowl....
Mommy showed me how to crack an egg....
UMMMMM should I get this egg out or leave it????
OH I see we have to stir it till the egg goes away.......

Mommy decided to go and do something else while I continued to stir......I had to make sure there were no more lumps in there.

It took me a long time but I did it all the lumps were gone......

Now my next job was to watch the food cook and to make sure it did not burn.....

TA-DAAAAAA................. our finished project!!!! DADDY'S FATHERS DAY BREAKFAST.

Now it was time for Daddy to open his presents......

OK Daddy I will help you open this......

Look what we got daddy a "stepping stone" with mine and Keagan's name on it!!!!

We also got our daddy a new coffee mug that has mine and Keagan's pictures all over it.

Well I can't wait to share the GREATEST DADDY in the world with my baby brother.....I will make sure that he always knows just how great our daddy is!!!!